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With over 15 years of experience in the motorcycle industry, Luca is a professional in his field. His extensive knowledge and passion for motorcycles make him an expert, especially when it comes to the Ducati brand. Luca has earned an excellent reputation over the course of his career and most recently worked for Moto Central Switzerland and Ducati Zurich. Thanks to his close contacts and relationships, he has access to an extensive network to ensure the best possible service for our customers. Regardless of whether it is a question of special requests, spare parts or conversions, etc., Luca always finds the right solution. Thanks to his many years of experience and his specialist knowledge, Luca is not only an expert in the sales area, but also in the workshop. As an experienced mechanic, he ensures that our customers' motorcycles are in top condition. His precise technical know-how and his skilled hands make him a reliable contact. For this reason, he knows exactly what he is talking about when he advises you on motorcycles. Luca is also known in the motorcycle industry by the name "Luca Ducati" known. This nickname not only reflects his expertise and passion for the Ducati brand, but also underlines his expertise as a salesman and mechanic. Luca is a true motorcycle enthusiast and brings his passion to his work every day. His area of responsibility lies in operational business and event planning.

Lautres is characterized by its extensive experience in commercial processing. She ensures that all essential aspects of our business operations run smoothly. With her eye for detail, she always keeps track of our accounting and ensures that our finances are managed transparently and efficiently. She knows how to create structures and optimize processes to ensure that our business activities run smoothly. She is responsible for administration, finances and event planning. She is also happy to talk to you and is always available to answer your questions.

Not only is Malea incredibly sweet, but she also has remarkable empathy. She intuitively senses the mood of our employees and is always there to put a smile on their faces with her loving manner. What excites us most about Malea is her enthusiasm for our customers. She is always delighted when visitors enter our shop and greets them with a wagging tail and lots of affection. With her natural friendliness, she creates a warm atmosphere and makes sure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable with us. Malea is not only an animal companion, but also an integral part of our company. She embodies the values we stand for: kindness, attentiveness and positive energy. 

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